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Chef Hats & Waiter Caps

These Chef hats are constructed from high quality paper and have a pleated body, mainly used by chefs in industrial kitchens, hotels and restraunts. They are preferred due to ease of use, disposablility and the head adjustment has a unique fixing arrangement. The waiter caps ( also called forage hats) are used in kitchens, factories, packing sheds and all areas that conform to H.A.C.C.P requirements.

Note: These caps can be printed to full Corpororate design.

Description Quantity per box Box Dimension (mm)
Chef Hats - Plain 500 570x220x320
Chef Hats - Printed 500 670x220x320

Waiter Caps - Plain

1000 280x280x350
Waiter Caps - Printed 1000 280x280x350

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