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Polystyrene Foam Cups

Polystyrene foam cups cover the size range 75ml, 125ml, 175ml, 250ml and 350ml. These cups have excellent thermal insulation properties and are used widely for coffee, milk shakes, water, coldrinks and even as containers for young plants.

These cups can also be printed with your company logo. Print capability is limited to 3 colours.

Description Quantity per box Box Dimension (mm)
75ml Polystyrene Sampling Cups 1000 370x480x300
125ml Polystyrene Foam Cups 1000 380x420x600
175ml Polystyrene Foam Cups 1000 420x600x380
250ml Polystyrene Foam Cups 1000 650x420x440
350ml Polystyrene Foam Cups 500 450x500x360

Note:Contrary to the popular belief that P.S foam is environmentally unfriendly, studies show that this is untrue

Fact: Polysyrene foam cups are more environmentally friendly than paper cups and they have superior insulating properties.

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2. Consumers' Research-October 1991
3. http://www.dartcontainer.com/web/Environ.nsf/Pages/EnvironmentalFacts

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